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Albrecht Durer

Personal LifeHe was born on May 21,1471 in Imperial Free City of Nurenburg,Germany.His parents were Albrecht Durer and Barbara Hopler. He had between 14 to 18 siblings. His nationality is Bavarian.In May of 1494, he married Agnes Frey in Nurenburg. He died on April 6,1528 in Nurenburg, at the age of 57.

Albrecht Durer was one of the most Influential artist of the renaissance period.Some of the things he was famous for were altarpieces,religious works,numerous potraits and self portraits , and copper engravings.

Albrecht DurerBy.Alicia Jones

EducationIn 1486,His father arranged an apprenticeship with Michael Wohlgemuth(famous painter & Woodcut Illustrator). He spent 3 years with him. Albrecht painted a portrait of him in 1516. He may have attended latin school of St. Sebald.

Work His earliest known painting was of his father. That painting showed some characteristics of the mature master. He completed his first authenticated Woodcut, a picture of St. Jerome curing the lion .He was a Journeyman.That took him to places like The Netherlands,Alscae,Basel,andSwitzerland.In Autumn 1494 to Spring 1495,Great deals of landscape water colors dealing with subjects from the alps of the southern tirol were among his most beautiful creations. His most impressive small painting was a compressed half length compsostion named Young Jesus with the Docters, in 1506.Most of his paintings are adaptions of Italian Models.He sought a mathmatical formulation for the ideal human body and for beauty overall.He studied the problems of space, perspective ,and proportion and created his forms on the canvas, using arithmetic and geometric techniques. The results were published in 1528 as the Four Books on Human Proportions. The books were published soon after he died.

InfluencesA trip to Italy,inspired him to use indirect and direct echoes of italian art.He was influenced by Florentine Atonio Pollaiuolo & Andrea Mantegna. His realist paintings of plants influenced botaintists to use drawings that more closely resembled the plants portrayed.

AccomplishmentsHe was the first artist to be honored with a public monument. It was a bronze staute by Christian Daniel Rauch. He was the first artist whose house and tomb were restored in the name of historic preservation.An annual "Albrecht Durer Day" was celebrated by German artists from 1815 until the end of the 19th century. Professional reputation is the subject of one of the last books by the late polish art historian,Jan Bialostock.


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