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Albrecht Durer

Albrecht Durer

Who is Albrecht Durer? Albrecht Durer is a German painter, printmaker, mathematician, and theorist from Nuremburg born on May 21, 1471 and died on April 6, 1528. He earned a repuation known throughout Europe when he was still in his twenties and is considered the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance.

What's so interesting? Albrecht has many talents and abilities. At the age of 13, he was already drawing self portraits! He first learned basic goldsmithing from his father but then found a great intrest in drawing. He was traveling alot and switched between woodcutting and painting. Most of his art was religious.

Effect on the World Albrecht changed how we see religion in art. Some of his art were pictures from Greek and Roman mythology and some were from revelations in the Bible. He also wrote a book on human proportions in art. Albrecht believed that every persons imagination and creativity is based on their visual experiences.

Adjectives To describe Albrecht I would call him busy, scary and creative. He is busy because he learns under so many people, travelet alot, and his art displays hard work. He is scary because of his scary looking self-portraits and some of his art show frightening things. Albrecht is creative because he is an artist and woodcutter so he creates many things. He also traveled alot so he has seen many things supporting his belief that peoples imagination comes from visual experiences.

Life Events Albrecht's many travels probably shaped most of his life. He found an intrest in art when his dad was hoping he'd become a goldsmith. His many masters taught him many things. His patronage of Maximilion I made him more well-known. His Typhus fever led to his death at age 56.

Albrecht's Journey Albrecht reached success in what he was doing by just doing it. He didn't get lucky, he started out liking it and practiced until he was a pro at it. He was actually a pretty fast learner; he was already gaining popularity in his twenties. It took a lot of hard work to reach the level he was at.World Without Him If Albrecht hadn't lived, it wouldn't affect the state of the world but I think religious art won't ever be as good. I'm sure many German Renaissance and modern artist look up to him still today. He also set a goal for many woodcutters around the world. Albrecht's contribution to art will not be forgotten.

To Conclude Albrecht Durer was a multi-talented man. He started out like everyone else but reached success the hard way. He didn't get lucky or go through extreme hardship. Albrecht Durer's art will live on forever. 18/12/12World History:Medival and Early Modern Times.Updated California Edition.IL.McDougal Littell.2006.Page 447


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