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Symptoms of Albinism include little to no color in the skin, hair, and eyes. This is caused by the lack of the production of pigment Melanin. Albinism also causes vision problems. Most people with Albinism are considered legally blind and are not able to drive cars. People with Albinism have serious sensitivity to light and have to wear protective clothig, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Albinism is not a fatal disorder and the people who have it lead close to normal lives.

Standard of Living

Albinism is an autosomal recessive disorder that is not fatal and causes the lack of color in skin, hair, and eyes. It was first discovered by Balthazar Telez and he thought that he was seeing two different races within one community. Archibald Garrod was the first to produce accurate research and was the first scientist to consider Albinism as a sickness. First cases were said to be found in the Great Roman Empire.

Albinism does not really affect the daily life of an individual. People with Albinism do the same activities as "normal people" do and even with the sun being their mortal enemy, some are not badly affected by the sun at all. One factor that does affect people with Albinism is bullying. Albinism is not chosen by anyone and it is not the person's fault that they look different. It is not right to treat them any different than you would anyone else because they have feelings too. They want to have friends and lead normal lives; they are very well able to, but if you bully them, you prevent them from being happy.


There is no "cure" for Albinism. The only treatment available is for protective reasons but does not prevent or relieve the person of the disorder itself.

Fun Facts

-Albinism occurs in animals as well as humans and plants-Some people with Albinism have the ability to tan but most burn-Some are considered legally blind, but most are able to see pretty well-People with Albinism usually do not like to be called Albino



Video on Albinism


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Lack of pigmentation in Albinism

Albinism occurs in animals too.This shows a regualar tiger next to an Albino tiger.


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