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By: Ava Heeren

Albinism is a rare genetic disorder that is caused by mistakes in the DNA sequence. Albinism is when you do not have a certain pigment in your body. This pigment is called Melanin. Melanin is in charge of skin, fur, hair, and feather color for animals and humans. It affects all races. Albinism can affect different parts of your body. It is recessive and heriditary. For some people, it only affects their eyes, skin, or hair, but for others, it affects their whole body. Same goes with animals in their fur, feathers, scales, etc.

June 13th is International Albinism Awareness Day. You can learn way more about Albinism and how to help

Where can you learn more?

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*Crossed Eyes (strabismus) *Light Sensitivity (photophobia)*Rapid eye movement (nystagmus)*Vision problems, or blindness

*Edgar and Jonny Winter (American Blues Rock artists)*Connie Chiu (model)*Victor Varnado (Comedian and actor)


Famous People

Is it rare?

Yes, Albinism is rare. It only affects 1 in every 17,000 people, and there are less than 20,000 world-wide cases a year.

How is it diagnosed?Albinism is diagnosed when you are born. Doctors can tell when you have Albinism by the way you look. They can also confirm by phisical exams, eye tests or comparison of color pigment to your parents or others.

*Extra Facts**People with Albinism do not usually have red/pink eyes, they usually have blue or grey eyes. * The term 'Albinism' comes from the word 'Albus' meaning white.


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