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Briahna Koger


Albinism is a congenital disorder of the absence of pigment in eyes, skin, and hair.

According to NOAH, The cause of albinism is by the genetic defect of GPR143 gene, for only Ocular albinism, although.


This is an albino baby crocidile.

Ocular albinism appears most in males, parents should be suspicious if a female is born with ocular albinism. (NOAH)

There are two types of albinism, oculocutaneous (affects eyes, skin, and hair) and ocular (only affecting the eyes). People with oculocutaneous albinism have very pale eyes, skin, and hair resulting from the loss of pigment. People with albinism also have poor eyesight that can’t be fixed by glasses. (NOAH)

Genetic testing can confirm if one individual has albinism, and also what variety it is.

Surgeries for the eyes can be performed, such as nystagmus-damping surgery. Individuals can also use glasses, but glasses still cannot correct their vision.

Since they don’t have the dark pigment in their skin (which helps protect our skin from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation), their skin can burn from overexposure. They also have to deal with vision problems, their eyes are photosensitive. (NOAH)

The chance of a parent with albinism and a parent without albinism having a child with albinism is low. I can’t really find any information about support, but I suppose getting their child some glasses may help their eyesight. As well as making sure they use sunscreen. (NOAH)


Here is an albino woman

A genetic counselor is a career one might consider. It mainly deals with you doing risk assessments on individuals or helping their offspring know the risk of the genetic mutation. And if they have a mutation, then the risk of it passing to their offspring. If one is interested in the field of medical work, then they might consider being a clinical or medical geneticist. They study diseases and also look at possible treatments for diseases. As well as counseling those affected by genetic mutations and suggestions for their treatment. (Yahoo Questions)

According to Medscape, the , treatments that are currently being tried are glasses, sunglasses, and sunscreen. I found two treatments that might work in the future. Doctors might start eye patching infants when they are six months old to help eye development, for the treatment of strabismus. Another treatment being tried is Nitisinone, a potential treatment for people with ocular albinism. The goal of the Nitisinone treatment is to elevate plasma tyrosine levels and increase eye and hair pigmentation.

Here is an albino male lion.

10/20/14From YouTube

Fun Fact!Abinism doesn't just occur in humans, it appears in animals as well!







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