Albert Namatjira

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Albert Namatjira

Albert Namatjira

Albert Namatjira

On August the 8th 1959 Albert Namatjira passed away at the age of 57 suffered from a heart attack/disease after he was released from prison.

Facts -His real name is Elea -He went to jail in 1958-He's married to Rubian-He had 3 children 2 boysone girl

Albert home was in Hermannbury/Alice Springs, Nothern TerritoryTribe: Western Arunta, Kngwarriya

Albert's death

Albert Namatjira had the opportunity show he's water coloured art. Then after that he was the first Aboriginal to have a full Australian citizenship. Also having most of the same rights as Europeans in 1957 because of his sucees as an artist. He also met queen Elizabeth the second.

Albert's success

Albert's painting


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