Albert Einstin

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Albert Einstin

Who was Albert Einstin? What did he do?

Albert Einstin was very famous for physics and also for his famous equation, E=mc2. He invented light and helped (with his theories) to make the atomic bomb.

Albert Einstin

Einstin was very famous for his equation E=mc2, he was also vey famous for physics.

What made Einstin so famous?

Einstin changed the world just by all of his inventions and things he discovered.

How did he change the world?

Albert Einstin was significant because he change science in america through his theroies and inventions. Albert was very famous for physics, he was made famous by making his equation, E=mc2, this equation stands for the eqivlance between energy and mass and factoring velocity of light. This equation made Einstin famous by knowing a way he can make light work in everyday uses. Today we would not know the things we know without Einstin starting math, science, and technology. Einstin was the one who used those to help himmake light. We would not have any type of light if Einstin did not use his knowalge to find how to make light. Would this be the U.S. today if we didnt have the use of the atomic bomb? The atomic bomb was invented for WW2 to help attack the Japanese. If Albert Einstin did not find out his theroies then they would not have been able to make the atomic bomb. In conclusion Albert Einstin changed science for the rest of the U.S.

By: Haley Schroeckenthaler



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