[2014] Jonah Bardowell (2014 - 2015 4th Grade): Albert Einstien

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[2014] Jonah Bardowell (2014 - 2015 4th Grade): Albert Einstien

Albert Einstein's maid had referred to him as "The Dopey One." Albert Einstein thought differently then everyone. Because of that, He was one of the most brilliant people in the whole entire world. Albert Einstien had a joy finding out the answer to life and everything. Then, he was full of joy and found out the answer to life and everything was 42. Then, he invented the famous quiz E=mc2. Albert knows almost every question. Albert Einstien also had major bedhead.


1879- born1901 - moved to Switzerland1919- moved to Wiemar Republic1940-moved to USA1955 - death

Albert accomplished his love for math and everyone else now has.Albert accomplished making a equastion that other people would try one day. Albert also accomplished his love for technology and completed his quest for math and the world answer of everything.

Lasting Impact

Albert Einstien affected the world and made a joy for math and equastions. died from abdominal aortic aneurysm.


Albert Einstein



This is me! The author and illistrator. My name is Jonah Timothy Bardowell.

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