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Albert Einstein

Early Life

Middle Life

Late Life


His photoelectric theory lead to the invention of the telivision camera. His creation of a formula to measure the size of molecules dissolved in liquids made it possible for scientists to invent better toothpaste and shaving cream. His theory of relativity lead to the invention of atomic bombs and atomic clocks. A lesson that I could use from him is to always follow your curiosity. That means that curiosity fuels your imagination and it leads to great ideas and theories.

Making A Difference

Albert Einstein was born into a Jewish family on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. His father, Hermann Einstein was an engineer and a salesman. His mother, Pauline Koch, ran the family household. At age one, Albert moved to Munich, Germany where his sister, Maja was born. Even though Albert was Jewish, he was sent to a Roman Catholic elementary school because it was a good school. Ironically, he did not like school. At age 15, he got expelled from school because of his bad attitude to his classmates. Then he moved to Italy with his family.

Albert re-entered high school in Switzerland. He went to college at Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Zurich. His family had fallen at hard times because they had no money. Then, Albert took a job in the Swiss Patent Office to support his family with some money. In 1903 he got married to Mileva Maric, a physicist. A few months later, his father passed away. But then May 14, 1904, Albert's son, Hans Albert, is born. In 1909, the University of Zurich convinced Einstein to be a professor. Later, he made his theory of relativity in 1905.

Einstein's son, Edwuard is born in 1910. But in 1914, Albert left his family and got divorced to Mileva. Then Albert got married to his cousin, Elsa, in 1919. Then they moved to America. He officially became a U.S citizen in 1940. On April 17, 1955 he became a professor in Princton Hospital. But on April 18, 1955, at the age of 76, Albert died of heart failure at the Princton Hospital.

- One of his scientific papers was published in a magazine when he was just a teen - He won a Nobel Prize for physics in 1922- He became a genius superstar- The Jews wanted Albert to be their president- He is best known for his theory of relativity

Interesting Facts

Albert Einstein

- Albert's brain is smaller than the average brain- He didn't know how to speak until he was at least five years old- He failed his University entrance exam and had to reapply a year later- He had a bad memory- He never learned how to drive- He never wore socks- Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, and Mahatma Gandhi, were his inspiration


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