Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a German physicist and is famous for the general theory of relativity. When Albert Einstein was a child, he had alot of discouragements. For example his teacher said he couldn't learn anything, but he kept trying. He started to discover mystries of science starting only at an age of ten. Also Albert Einstein played the piano and the violin which stayed with him through his life inspiring him.


When He Was An Adult

We all know that Albert Einstein was not only known by his knowledge, he was also known as the father of the atomic bomb. He left Germany when Adolf Hitler was the head of the Germans and moved to Switerland, Austria, and then left to America. In America he discovered the World's most famous theory, "E=mc2"which led up to making the atomic bomb.

Journey's End

Albert Einstein discovered the theory for the atomic bomb in America. Japan started a war with the Americans which made the Americans join world war two.The Americans had no choice but to drop the atomic bomb at Japan.The bomb landed in Hiroshima which killed thousands of people. It also gave uncured diseases.Albert Einstein died because of abdominal aortic aneurysm. He also felt guilty for the cause of those deaths.He thought he shouldn't have made that bomb.

How He Relates To Me

Albert Einstein relates to me because he use to play piano. The piano stayed with him through his life inspiring him.That relates to me because I play the piano also. When Albert Einstein was a child his teacher said he couldn't learn anything and that relates to me when I couldn't speack English.

How He Inspires Me

Albert Einstein had many disappointments in his life but he kept trying. He might be dead but his story inspires many other people including me to build something big. The important thing is he was able to think outside the square and show great creativity to science.

On of Albert Einstein's stories

When Albert Einstein was in university, at the end of class he always use to go to the washroom. One day he went to the washroom and came back. He saw two questions on the board. He figured out one question but one he didn't get. The next day he went to his teacher and told him he didn't get the second question. Those two questions were the two hardest questions in the world which nobody had figured out yet.

By Aryana Monsef

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