Albert Einstein

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Scientific Biographies

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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein developed the theory of relativity.He wrote a lot of articles about science especially modern psyhics.He rewrote the gravity law according to the theory of relativity.

He was born in Germany on 14th March 1879.Before he started to school, he did not speak clearly.


A man who is the person of the century!!!

He explained photoelectric effect.Thanks to this, he received the Nobel Prize. He discovered an equation about photoelectric effect and it is '' E=m.c² ''It means energy and matter can be converted into one another.

He went to the United states when Adolf Hitler came to power.After that, he did not come back to Germany.He invented the atomic bomb in the United States.

Even though he had internal bleeding, he told the doctors ''I want to go when I want.I do not want to prolong my life artficially.'' ,so he refused the surgery.A doctor who made autopsy to Einstein stole Einstein's brain to examine.

He worked at some universities such as Berlin Academy of Sciences and University of Zurich.He died on 18th April 1955 in the United States.


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