Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Who Was He?



The Nazis

Albert Einstein was a well known and highly recognized physicist who created multiple theoriesabout physics and science, such as The Theory Of Relativity, The General Theory of Relativity, and energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared, or E = mc2.

The Nazis were conquering country after country in Europe. World War ll began. It was a race between The U.S. and Germany to create an atomic bomb first, and use it as a weapon of mass destruction against the enemy. In the U.S. this was called the Manhatten Project, in which Einstein played a big role. Though he was not allowed on the site for security reasons, his theory E = mc2, was key to the U.S. being able to create the atomic bomb.

Other Discoveries and acheivements

Atomic Explosion

*Theory of Relativity *General Theory of Relativity *Was awarded a Nobel Prize for physics in 1921 *He published five papers in the German yearbook of physics, three of them groundbreaking

Why Him?

Einstein did work in physics that many other scientists at the time couldn't. He not only did his work in physics, but was a professor at a university.


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