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Albert Einstein

In 1932 Einstein immigrated to the U.S. and got a job in Princeton, New Jersey. He never went back to Europe.During WWII he helped the U.S. Navy evaluate designs for future weapons systems. In 1952 David Ben-Gurion, Israel's president, asked Einstein to become Israel's president. He said no.In 1955 Einstein died of an abdominal aortic aneurysm.


1879 -Einstein born-Germany1900-Graduates college1902-Gets job at patent office1902-Daughter born1903-Marries Mileva1904-Son born1905-Wrote Theory of Relativity1913-1933-Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics1921-Visits United States1922-Wins Nobel Prize1940-Becomes U.S. citizen1955-Dies at age 76

Graduated from Swiss Federal Polytechnic School-1900Wins Nobel prize-1922Was a professor at The Institute for Advance Study at Princeton. Taught math, english and science.Wrote letter to President Roosevelt warning him of the Nazi atomic bomb.

Lasting Impact

Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity helps scientists and mathematicians figure out how objects move in space and time in relation to each other. One way we use it everyday is with GPS.

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Albert Einstein




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