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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, in Ulm, Germany. When he was almost three, his parents said they would gift him. Albert was expecting a toy. But when instead they presented him wih a baby sister, he curiously asked,"Where are the wheels?" When he was 5, his father gave him a compass. No matter which derection Albert pointed it, the needle kept pointing north! He wondered what "seceret thing" made it work. At age 6, he began to take violin lessons. He eventually became an acomplished violinist. At 12, he recieved a geometry book from mdical student Max Talmud. 6 months later, he had worked through and understood the entire book. Max later said,"His flight of a mathematical genius was so high, I could no longer follow!" He was in Aarau, Switzerland all this time. He enrolled in "Federal Institute of Technology". He fell in love with physict student Mileva Maric. They married in 1903 and had their first daughter-Lieserl. In 1904, they had Hans Albert, and in 1910, Eduard. They seperated so Einstein could train to be a scientist. During World War 11, he wrote a letter to president Fraklin D. Roosevelt. The letter warned that german scientists might be working on an "atomic bomb" . He died in Princeton, April 18, 1955. He changed the world by achieving the biggest jump in human perception in physics. He would best described as ridiculously smart, curious, super imaginitive, and creative.


ACOMPLISHEMENTS 1. Was apointed in 1908 by Privatdozent in Berne. 2. In 1909, he became Proffesor Extrodinary at Zurich.3. Einstein won the Nobel prize and was one of the ten people to win!

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3/ 14/1879- Birthdate1881-got little sister1903-Married Mileva1945-sent letter to president1955-agreed to list his name on a document to give up nuclear weapons1955-died

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1. Albert Einstein was asked to be president of Israel, but he refused to accept the once of alifetime offer!2. Discovered : E=MC squared.3. He was also entitled the most important and famous scientist of the 1900's!

Albert Einstein

The idea is not to stop questioning; curiousity has its own reason for existing.


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