Albert Einstein

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Scientific Biographies

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Albert Einstein

By Greta Cox and Sara Fite

Using his theory of Brownian motion, Einstein was able to find the size of atoms and found how many atoms were in a mole (molecular weight in grams) of a gasEinstein accomplished this by using mean squared displacement, an equation created by Lucretius of Rome in 60 B.C., and then relating the diffused coefficient to known measurements

Using the equation,Einstein proved his theory that metals emit electrons when light is shined on them.Kmax = maximum kinetic energyh = planck constantf = frequency of the incident photonf sub 0 = threshold frequency for the metalwhere f > f sub 0

Photoelectric Effect


Brownian Motion

Einstein contributed to General Relativity, or theory of gravitation, by solving a confusion by suggesting the spacetime is curved.GPS's were created using this theory.

Theory of Relativity

Yoda from Star Wars was modeled after Einstein.He didn't speak until the age of four.A pocket compass shown to him at five years old began his fascination for science.He was offered the presidency of Israel, but he declined.


Fun Facts


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