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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein byShlok Chavda

Albert Einstein

Smart Albert

BiographyAlbert Einstein was the greatest scientist of 1900s. When he heard of Newton's law of gravity, he went into the more complicated questions like how does gravity work? His other famous question was "What if one were to ride on a beam of light?" His famous equation E=Mc2 meant E (energy) = to m (mass) multiplied by c (the speed of light) 2 (squared). The speed of light is approximately 186,000 miles per second. If you square this figure, you get an incredibly large number.

AccomplishmentsIn 1905, Albert published 4 papers that changed the convention of the universe. That was his "Miracle Year". In May 29, 1919 a solar eclipse proved his papers right.

LastingImpactAlbert Einstein's great ideas even helped build spaceships. Even nowadays his ideas help build spaceships. Albert was a great man.

Did You Know...Albert was born with a large head, so his mother was very worried about him. She thought that he would be an unusual child. Sure enough, Albert spoke his first word when he was 3 years old.

Character TraitsCurious- Albert was very curious and asked many questions by interupting in class.Imaginative- Albert got most of his ideas from his imagination.

Famous EquationE=MC2

SourcesI used 2 books: I am Albert Einstein,and Genius. I also used BrainPop and wikipedia.

TimelineMarch 14, 1879- Born in Ulm, Germany1896- Enrolled at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic Institute in ZurichJanuary 6, 1903- Marries Mileva Maric1905- "Miracle Year" publishes 4 papers that change the convention of the universeFebruary 14, 1919- He and Mileva are divorcedJune 2, 1919- He and Elsa Lowenthal are marriedApril 18, 1955- Died in New Jersey

Albert Einstein


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