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Albert Einstein

McCormick, Lisa Wade. Albert Einstein. Print.Michio, Kaku. "Einstein, Albert." Britannica Biographies (2012): 1. Middle Search Plus.Middle Search Michio, Kaku. "Einstein, Albert." Britannica Biographies (2012): 1. Plus.Article Details:Albert StaffWebsite NameHistory.comYear Published2009TitleAlbert EinsteinURL DateApril 25, 2015PublisherA+E Networks

It all started when he was sick and his father gave him a compass. (McCormick, page 13)His parents hired a tutor when he was five and two years later he started elementary school.(McCormick, page 14)The elementary school was more military than educational. They wanted kids to learn and repeat quickly butEinstein didn’t work that way. (McCormick, page 14)It didn’t change much when went on to middle and high school. Even the teachers said "He wouldn’t get veryfar", but he was too stubborn to fail." (McCormick, page 16)He taught himself algebra and geometry at the age of thirteen.(McCormick, page 16)Due to his family business he had to drop out of high school. (McCormick, page 18)When he went back to high school he enrolled in the Aarau Cantonal School in Switzerland. This freethinking highschool was perfect for Einstein. It was the best time of his life. He finished and got his high schooldiploma.(McCormick, page 20)He graduated in 1896. He was seventeen and started classes as ETH in Zurich. He was very excited, but he feltlike what they were teaching was outdated. (McCormick, page 20)

Nobel PrizeSpeech

Albert Einstein

Einstein's education

54 year old Einstein wanted ice cream in his new hometown Princeton, New Jersey. (McCormick, page 77)He wanted to escape death threats and escalating campaign of terror. Adolf Hitler raged against him andother Jews in Germany. (McCormick, page 77)Hitler and the Nazi Parties despised Einstein they burned his papers, they raided his homes, seized his bankaccounts, and they even put a price in Einstein’s head (McCormick, page 77) He got a job at Princeton University and all he wanted to do was finish his idea which was to develop amathematical equation that would unite electromagnetism, gravity, time, and space. He never finished that theory. (McCormick, page 78) During his final years he suffered a series of painful losses after he moved to Princeton. His stepdaughter Ilse died of cancer in 1943. His wife Elsa became ill two years later as her condition worsened Einstein refused to leave her side. Elsa died on December 20, 1936. (McCormick, page 78)During his final years is when the Atomic Bomb was being made. Germany was working on it usingEinstein’s E=mc2 but America beat them to it and dropped it on two Japanese cities. He says it's one of his greatest mistakes.(McCormick, page 84)He became a U.S. citizen on October 1, 1940. He had citizenship in three countries: Germany, Switzerland,and the United States. (McCormick, page 88)During the final chapter of his life he had two more painful losses. His first wife Mileve died in 1948 in Zurich, his beloved sister passed away in 1951, and Einstein’s son Eduard. He died in a mental health facility in1965. (McCormick, page 90)Albert himself collapsed in his home in 1955. They say he died of a ruptured aneurysm in his abdominal aorta. The doctors said they could fix it with a simple surgery but he refused. “I have done my share, it is time to go” is what he told his secretary “I will do it elegantly”. ( McCormick, page 91) Einstein died at 1:15 am on April 18, 1955 at Princeton Hospital. He was 76 years old. (McCormick, page 92)

It was when he rewrote the law of physics. (McCormick, page 44)Started with a simple question “What is light”? (McCormick, page 44)This inspired him to write what is known as his photoelectric paper.(McCormick, page 45)This fifteen-page paper was submitted on March 17, 1905 to Europe’s prestigious scientific journal, Annalender Physik. (McCormick, page 44)5) Paper eventually lead to him winning a Nobel Prize. (McCormick, page 44)6) The second paper in his “Miracle year” was about a radical idea that molecules and atoms were real and could be measured. (McCormick, page 46)The third paper was about Brownian motion-the jiggling movement of grains of pollen in water. (McCormick, page 47)Fourth paper is about time and space. (McCormick, page 47)Finally the answer/fifth paper E=mc2 as well as L=mc2 the L stood for light energy. (McCormick, page50-52)1(Side question: Did Einstein’s wife contribute to his ideas?) All that she did was proof his work check is math.She was more of a wife and a mother than a scientist. (McCormick, page 51)

What were his final years like?

What was his “Miracle year” exactly?



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