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Albert Einstein

He was born at Ulm, in Württemberg, Germany, on March 14, 1879. He began his schooling at the Luitpold Gymnasium. Later, his family moved to Italy and Albert continued his education at Aarau, Switzerland and in 1896 he entered the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich to be trained as a teacher in physics and mathematics.In 1901, the year he gained his diploma, he acquired Swiss citizenship and, as he was unable to find a teaching post, he accepted a position as technical assistant in the Swiss Patent Office.

A bit more about him

He was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity.

Einstein postulated that the correct interpretation of the special theory of relativity must also furnish a theory of gravitation and in 1916 he published his paper on the general theory of relativity. During this time he also contributed to the problems of the theory of radiation and statistical mechanics.Albert Einstein received honorary doctorate degrees in science, medicine and philosophy from many European and American universities.He died on April 18, 1955 at Princeton, New Jersey.

Personal life

Einstein married Elsa Löwenthal on 2 June 1919, after having had a relationship with her since 1912. She was his first cousin maternally and his second cousin paternally. In 1933, they emigrated to the United States. In 1935, Elsa Einstein was diagnosed with heart and kidney problems and died in December 1936.

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