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Albert Einstein

Adulthood1. Albert Einstein switched citizenshipsmany times.2. He recieved death threats because of his pacifism.3. The Natzis hated Einstein, thinking that he was Communist.4. Einstein was asked to become the president of Isreal.5. He went to Princeton for his final days.

Early Life1. Albert Einstein was born on March 14 in an apartment in 20 Bahnhofstrasse.2. He was German.3. He was also Jewish.4. Albert Einstein dropped out of high school early.5. His family mowed from Germany to Italy.

Meaningful QuoteAlbert Einstien once said,"The gift of imagination has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing absolute knowledge." This is what kept him going in his work of theories.

Albert's sailboat was a birthday present. Hecouldn't sail very well, so people looked out for him.

Title of Biography: Einstein: Visionary ScientistAuthor of Biography:John B. Severance

Date of Birth:March 14, 1879Date of Death:April 18, 1955

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2 Little Known Facts1. Einstein's elementary school principal said that he shouldn't prepare for any job because he was stupid.2. Albert Einstein was killed by ballooning in the walls of his artery.

ContributionAlbert Einstein was important to the world because he had shaped the way we think. He developed the theory of relativity and gravitation. People didn't understand his thiories, which delated the time whether he should recieve a Nobel Prize or not. He had slow mental development in his early years. The result was that childish questions did not confused his later thinking. His theories helped develop phototubes. This is essential for TV, automatic doors, elevator doors, and grocery scanners.

Albert Einstein

3 Questions1. Could you tell me more about you theory of relativity?2. What kind of hobbies did you enjoy?3. What job did you want to have when you were young?


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