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Albert Durer

Albrecht Durer was born in 1471 and died in April 1528. He was known as the greatest artist of the Northern Rennaisance. He was also one of the first landscape artists. In his early years he went to italy because of the plague to open up shop before returning to Nuremberg. After a while Durer returned to Italy and made some of his masterworks. The one right under this text is adam and eve. Albrecht influenced later artists with his works but especially in printmaking. He made pictures for a book and for Maximillian. He also made many portraits of the emperor.


1471 - Birth1490-94 - Marriage1494 - First trip to Italy 1495- Return to hometown1507-20 - made his masterworks1520- Last major journey to Italy1528 - death

Durer elevated the graphic art by making very fine arts.He mastered the art of wood cuts and engraving.He has influenced generations of artists and printmakers.

Lasting Impact

Durer made impacts on the printmaking industry and on later atists


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Albrecht Durer



Alebrecht Durer

I made several great works of art that inspired many.


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