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Albert Bandura

Albert Bandura is a psychologist that was born on December 4,1925 in Mundane, Alberta (Canada). Bunder is still alive at the age pf 88. Bandura didnt start out wanting to be a psychologist, in fact it was just a matter of passing extra time. When attending classes Bandura would get there much ealier than his other colleages. Bandura decided to take an extra class to pass the time and became quite interested in Psychology. Bandura then became a Cognitive & Social Psychologist.


1949- Bachaler's Degree1951- Master's Degree1952- Ph.D1953- Instructor Standford University1964- Professor Standford University1969- Principles of Behavior Modification (published)1971- President of APA/ Published Agression- A Social Learning Analysis 1972- Guggenheim Fellowship1968-1970- Member of APA1995- self-effeciency in changing society (published)1997- Bandura (published)

Bandura did an expirement that he is well know for involving the behavior of children called the Bobo Doll Expirement. This expirement was meant to test whether or not children would copy and follow by example of an agressive and violent model or if being around a more positive model would make them less aggressive. In conclusion Bandura found out that the babies did become more agressive with an aggressive model and the children with a positive model were less agressive even more so than the average child.

Today's Appliance

Today scientists still test whether or not tv or violence ontv effect children and actions of the real world

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Albert Bandura


Bobo Doll Experiment



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