[2015] Emma gagnon (Neibert 4): Alaskan Travels

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Environmental Studies

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[2015] Emma gagnon (Neibert 4): Alaskan Travels

The Margerie Glacier is the only tidewater glacier in the eastern part of Glacier Bay. A tidewater glacier is a glacier that descends to the sea and usually breaks off into icebergs. The Margerie Glacier is the most active glacier in the Glacier Bay National Park. The glacier was formed by several valley glaciers being forced together. The Margerie Glacier contains copper deposits.

Emma's Alaskan Travels

The Bering Glacier is the largest glacier in North America. The glacier area is used for subsistence hunting and commercial fishing. When the snow melts it creates ponds that refreeze creating blue splotches of ice.

Emma's Alaskan Travels

The Malaspina Glacier is the largest Piedmont glacier in the world. The glacier is 60 miles across. The Malaspina Glacier flows uphill. If you were to look at the Malaspina Glacier you would be able to see the Medial Moraines.

The Exit Glacier is one of the most visited glaciers in Alaska. The Exit Glacier is a valley glacier, which is a stream of flowing ice that is between steep walled valleys. When you look at the Exit Glacier you can see many different types of wildlife. An unique feature of this glacier is that you are able to see where the vegetation takes place.

•Aréte- a sharp crested ridge in rugged mountains. •Cirque- a deep steep walled basin on a mountain usually forming the blunt end of the valley.•Hanging Valley- small abandoned glacial valley suspended on a mountain above the main glacial valley, often the site for a high waterfall.•glacial striation- scratches or gouges cut into bedrock by glacial abrasion

Emma's Alaskan Travels

Erosional features

Depositional features

•Erratics- large boulders that have been transported by glaciers. •Esker- produced as a result of running water in, on, or under the glacier.•Glacial moraine- material transported by a glacier and then deposited. •Drumlins- a long, narrow or oval, smoothly rounded hill of unstratified glacial drift.

When glaciers drag sediments on the bedrock, they scratch and leave grooves on the bedrock. These groves are called glacial striations.

The streams that flow within and under glaciers, causing long winding ridges are called eskers.


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