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Alaska The Last Frontier

Alaska's state flag was designed by 13 year old Benny Benson, who won the flag design contest. The Big Dipper symbolizes strength and the North Star stands for future.

Alaska's name comes from the Aleut word Alaxsxaq (also spelled Alyeska), meaning mainland, or the great land.

Alaska's State SymbolsState Motto: North to the FutureState Bird: Willow PtarmiganState Fish: Chinook SalmonState Land Mammal: MooseState Marine Mammal: Bowhead WhaleState Song: Alaska's FlagState Flower: Forget-me-notState Tree: Sitka SpruceState Mineral: GoldState Sport: Dog Mushing

Willow Ptarmigan

Alaska became the 49th state on January 3, 1959.

Sitka Spruce

Alpine Forget-Me-Not

Alaska's Major Agricultural & Manufactured Products~Fishing (Salmon, shrimp, cod, crab, flounder, etc.)~Timber ~Oil~Petroleum~Mining (Gold, Silver, Coal)~Greenhouse Crops


Dog Mushing

Historical Sites,Places of Interest, & Landmarks ~ Alaska Native Heritage Center~ Anchorage Museum~ Denali National Park ~ Kenai Fjords National Park~ Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park~ Glacier Bay National Park~Tracy Arm Fjords~ University of Alaska Museum of the North~ Iditarod National Historic Trail

Alaska's ClimateAlaska's climate varies greatly, depending on the season and the region. In the Summer,temperatures range from 60-80 degrees, while in the Winter, the average is -1 degrees Fahrenheit.

Alaska's Geography~Coastline of 6640 miles~Highest Point: Mt. McKinley at 20,320 ft.~Longest River: Yukon~Largest Island: Kodiak~Borders: North: Arctic Ocean; West: Bering Sea; South: Pacific Ocean & Gulf of Alaska; East: Canada~Land Area: 663,268 sq. ft.~Largest Freshwater Lake: Iliamna Lake (1150 sq. mi.)

Alaska's Major CitiesAnchorageFairbanksJuneauSitkaWasillaKetchikanKenai

State Capital:Juneau

Benny Benson

Jewel Kilcher was a singer raised in Alaska. Jewel has recieved 4 Grammy Award nominations.

Jewel Kilcher

By: Charissa Luk


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