Alaska Anchorage (Najar Project 350)

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Alaska Anchorage (Najar Project 350)

Enjoy your stay!

Native Culture Instrument

Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska's original music belongs to the Inupiaq, Aleut, Tlingit, and other Alaskan native communities. One of the most common instruments in Alaska is the drum. Their most popular drums are: Fire drum, and ECHO Space. Alaskan music usually would come with a native dance.

Fresh Alaskan Halibut

Native Culture Clothing

While you're there, visit the Anchorage Museum to learn about the Alaskan Pipeline and the great earthquake of 1964. You could also visit the Ulu Knife Factory. There you would see the uniquely Alaskan knife used by the native people for hunting, fishing, filleting and more.Another activity could be going on a picnic to see wildlife. Two types of eagles inhabit Alaska: The Bald Eagle and the Golden Eagle.

Reindeer Sausage

Caribou Steaks

Trees at Alaskan tree lines are assumed to be limited by temperature and to expand upslope and/or to higher latitudes with global warming. It impacts the ecosystem because it's limiting the amount of trees and it exists still because people aren't putting an end to it or trying to make it stop.Insect outbreaks or interspecific competition might become limiting to tree growth. It impacts the ecosystem when a tree stops growing and will potentially die due to these outbreaks. Insect outbreaks exist but scientists say insect predators will overcome insects or even decreasetheir population size.Northern Caribou are often thought to be limited by predator densities and warmer winter weather. People in Alaska are trying to put an end to these affects on Caribou.A spill of about 267,000 gallons of oil is affecting Alaska's environment, but Alaskans are helping to remove the oil from the water.

Lemmings are the prey of the Arctic Fox. When they are hunted it's usually when the Lemming isn't looking and the Arctic Fox grabs it and finds a good spot to eat its meal.The Alaskan Wolf is the predator of the moose. The moose is hunted once it is spotted; then it's chased by the Alaskan Wolf. Once the Alaskan Wolf has run down the moose it's caught and the wolf has a meal.

Two negative ways that humans impact the ecosystems is that there are large lumber companies cutting down trees which are habitats for animals and trees produce oxygen so it is bad for the environment as well. Another way humans impact the ecosystem in Alaska is the harm caused by pipes. The piping flows through natural biomes, upsets animal trails, and it can cause a leak or spill that would destroy fragile habitats.

One way people have a good impact on the ecosystem of Anchorage, Alaska is by planting plants. Planting trees has a positive effect on the ecosystem by producing habitats for animals and oxygen.

The Four-Spotted Skimmer and the mosquito represent parasitism. The Four-Spotted Skimmer eats the mosquito and gets the energy it needs to survive. The epiphytes and lichen represent mutualism; but only if the lichen produces nutrients that are leached to the tree roots.

Alaskan Food Web


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