Alan Turing - The Enigma

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Alan Turing - The Enigma

Alan Turing: The EnigmaBy: Andrew Hodges

Alan Turing: The Enigma, by Andrew Hodges takes place during World War II and displays how the first concepts and ideas for a modern computer were created. In 1939 after Britain declares war on Germany Alan Turing travels to Bletchley Park to work with a cryptography team under the comman of Alastair Denniston. The teams goal is to break the German Enigma code, which is essential for Allied victory in the Atlantic. The team resents him at first because he's difficult to work with, but when Turing is fired his teammates threaten to leave of he isn't rehired, due to them realising how valuable he is in helping them.



- Alan Turing- Joan Clarke- Commander Denniston- Charles Richards- John Cairncross- Peter Hilton- Keith Furman- Hugh Alexander

- WWII- Blethley Park, Britain

I don't reccomend this book to read unless you have lots of time on your hands to understand all the details. This book is less for entertainment and more meant to teach about how the German Enigma Code was cracked. Although this book was very interesting, at times it was either hard to understand or difficult to comprehend.




I enjoyed this book despite it being hard to understand. It had a very exciting plot and always left you on the edge. I think it was very interesting to learn how wars can be won using mathematics. It was also a very motivational story about working towards a goal. You don't need to be able to comprehend the math to understand the storyline. I also liked how this book showed a different persepctive on the main character's childhood and how he grew up and became interested in coding. Overall this book was very entertaining and informative.


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