Alain Delon

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Alain Delon

•With his breathtaking good looks he was destined to play tender lovers and romantic heroes; he was a French embodiment of the American actor, James Dean.•His first outstanding success came with the role of Tom Ripley in Rene Clement's thriller, Purple Noon (1960).•Alain in Purple Noon, Rocco and his Brothers, and Any Number Can Win (#DreamBoat)

(This is Alain in his first film)

Alain Delon

1) Alain Delon is a famous French-Swiss actor. He was born on Novemeber 8, 1935.2) Alain Delon had a stormy childhood. He was frequently expelled from school. During the early 1950s he was a paratrooper with French Marines in Indochina.3) He decided to try an acting career and in 1957 made his film debut in Yves Allégret's Quand la femme s'en mêle (1957).

Alain is now 77 and still being awarded for his famous films.



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