Al Purdy

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Al Purdy

Al Purdy

Alfred Welington PurdyBorn: December 30, 1918 at Wooler, OntarioDied: April 21, 2000 at Sidney, BC

Early Years/Childhood

Career Development

Al Purdy and his wife, Eurithe Purdy.


Evergreen Cemetery, on Stockdale Road.

"I think most young people begin to write through sheer ego. Look at me, no hands, Mom." - Al Purdy

Al Purdy during WWII in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).

"[Al Purdy] evolved his poetry by enaging frankness, sardonic humour and reflective depth." - Anonymous

During the Great Depression, Al Purdy "rode the rails" of Canada working in hard labour.

By: Soumya S.


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