Al Capone

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Al Capone

Al Capone

Time Line

1919- Johnny Torrio asked Al Capone to join his business in the City of Chicago1920- Al Capone allegedly murdered Jim Colosino, Torrio's boss1925- Johnny Torrio retired leaving the whole bootlegging, gambling, and prostitution business to Al Capone1927- His networth was $100 million1929- Al Capone's gang committed the Valentines Day Massacre, which resulted in the death of 71931- Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion to a sentence of 11 years in prison1934- He was transfered to Alcatraz1939- Al Capone was released from prison after 7 1/2 years for good behavior1949- Al Capone died in Miami, Florida after he retired

I was born in 1899 in the state of New York

Did you know?

-Al Capone's real name is Caponi-He was expelled from school for harassing a teacher-He attended Alcatraz -Al Capone organized one of the first and biggest organized crime syndicate-He was nicknamed "Scarface" because of an old injury-He suffered from a severe case of syphilis -He went to prison in 1829 for carrying a gun


-He was a family guy even though he was a gangster-He had great leadership skills-He was respected by many-He was one of the most powerful person in Chicago during the 1920's -Al Capone was the leader of the Five Point Gang-Al Capone served a sentence in Alcatraz


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