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AL Capone

BiographyAlphose Capone was born on January 17, 1899 and was a child of 9. He grew up in Brooklyn, acquiring an education in petty crime. He also attended a Cathlioc school where he was expelled for hitting a teacher. After he was expelled, he joined several street gangs which started on him on his way in organizaed crime. He moved to chicago and joined another gang there. Johnny Torrio, the leader of the gang, surrendered his position as boss to Capoone when someone tried to assassinate him and critically wounded him. Al Capone then became the leader of the gang and had much power.

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InterestingsFacts*He was given the nickname "Scarface" because he was attacked by a woman with a razor that left a scar*He gave money to the poor.*He set up soup kitchens for the poor.

Reflection*I am most proud of mow much informationi was able to find in the short period of time we had. Something I found interesting was how he died and about how the police could never convict him of any crimes.

Al Capone's mugshot

This picture shows the scar on Capones face that he recived when he was young

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Al Capone

Al Capone: Life while he was a gangsterBecause of the newly passed 18th Amendment that banned alcohol, he had a domination of Bootlegging which brougt him an income of $20 million at the end of 1920. He flourished by killing his rival gang members. Al Capone was also thought of as a Celeberty. He also had very much power.

How he died:The authorities couldn't convict him of any crimes but eventually they found a way to take him down. He was arrested on charges of him not paying income taxes on the money he earned off his crimes. He was found guilty and sentenced to 11 years in prison. He was released in 1939 with a terminal disease and died on Jauary 25, 1947.


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