Al Capone & Gangsters

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Al Capone & Gangsters

The Importance of Al Capone and Organized Crime

Bugsy Siegel-one of the founders and leaders of Murder, Inc. (organized crime group)-murdered fellow gangster, Harry Greenberg-gambler; handled and financed original casinos.

Organized crime and gansters play an essential role in prohibition in the history of the United States. Gangsters predominated a number of cities, in which they would provide the illegal commodity, which the 18th Amendment had banned. Without gangsters, there wouldn't be many alcoholic beverages circulating and being sold under-the-table. Furthermore, gangsters were not only known for their illegal acts, but for kind ones as well. Al Capone donated a large number of his stolen money. He opened a soup kitchen, and gave back to the community, despite doing injustice with them and ultimately, the government. Lastly, while organized crime conclusively harmed America, it helped shape it to be what it is today, and ushered in an era of pre-planned, efficient, murder.

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Al Capone & Gangsters

Biography of Al Capone

Other Notable Gangsters

Inside Capone's Home

1. Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone (1899-1947)2. was an American gangster; led an era of organized crime3. took part in bribery, prostitution, bootlegging liquor, and more.4. Boss of a gang known as the Chicago Outfit, Chicago Mafia, Chicago Mob, Chicago Syndicate, The Outfit, or the Capone Family5. Italian; born in Brooklyn, NYC; expelled from school at 146. he donated to charities, from his stolen money; opened a soup kitchen7. took part in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre - Irish vs. Italian; 7 gang members executed8. Sentenced to federal prison (Alcatraz prison) due to tax evasion9. suffered from mental and physical deteroriation; from neurosyphilis; After a stroke, died from cardiac arrest10. First gang he joined was in Brooklyn - Junior Forty Thieves

Bugs Moran(George Clarence Moran)-he was Capone's rival-known for drive-by shooting - spraying gun powder on rivals when driving by-10 years in Ohio Penitentiary for robbing a bank messenger

Frank Rio-part of the Chicago Outfit-suffered from heart disease-maintained financial interests in cafes, nightclubs, and casinos



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