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The Akita

Date of origin- 1600sBred as a versatile hunting dog in the rugged mountains of Northern Japan, the breed is a wonderful combination of dignity with good nature, alert courage and docility.

Helen Keller is credited with bringing the first Akita into the United States in 1937

Quiet with a natural guarding instinct. Wary of strangers and often intolerant of other animals, will gladly share their silly, affectionate side

May experience bloat or gastric dilatation volvulus, may have progressive retinal atrophy. . . This condition gradually leads to the degeneration of the retina causing blindness and cataracts. Also may experience hip dysplasia

They need to be an integral part of their family’s household, not one that is mainly kept as an “outside dog.” An Akita’s exercise level is medium; therefore they will be happy with a good daily walk or jog.

Though Akitas are independent thinkers, they train well if a firm but loving hand is applied beginning in puppyhood.

Other Breeds:a)Alaskan Malamuteb)Finnish Spitzc)Samoyed d)Shiba Inue)Siberian Husky

Coat:a)Double-coated. Undercoat thick, soft, dense and shorter than outer coat. Outer coat straight, harsh and standing somewhat off bodyb)Need to be groomed weeklyc)Medium coat lengthd)odorless

Characteristics:a)Ears: they are strongly erect, triangular, rounded at the tip, and wide at the base.b)Eyes: Dark brown, small, deep-set and triangular in shape.c)Teeth: Strong with scissors bited)Light bone, rangy body.


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