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Dear Diary, My name is Akhenaten but it used to be Amenhotep IV. I changed the religion of Egypt when I was in rule. I changed who was worshipped in Egypt and changed the powers of everyone. When I was in rule, only the pharaoh, me, could be the priest. I also closed down temples of the previous worshipped god, Amen-Re. I was the first pharaoh to practice monotheism which means to only worship one god.


Dear Diary,I have experienced many, many tragedies in my life. Three loved ones have died when I lived. My wife, Nefertiti, Queen Tiy, and also one of my daughters. I began to plan a celebration to thank and give offerings to Aten but right before the celebration, Nefertiti died. Queen Tiy followed her and one of my daughters followed her. I took out all of my anger on Amen-Re because I believed he was responsible of these deaths. I started a campaign against the traditional gods but mostly just Amen-Re. I took out armies to remove all mentions of Amen-Re anywhere, even of my father’s tomb. As I did this, Egypt was close to bankruptcy because of my obsession of Aten.

Dear Diary,I have built this new capital city for Egypt during my reign. The capital city was called Amarna and it was built to “seal the break” with the past. This city was the first planned city ever. The people in the previous capital, Thebes, were told to move out for the construction of Amarna. This capital city was 8 miles long and 3 miles wide. In Amarna, 4 palaces were constructed that were surrounded by lakes and gardens. In the city, the Great Temple of Aten was built by me to show our worship for him. Later the city became a ghost town.

Dear Diary,I had died very abruptly. Our old enemies, the Assyrians and the Hittites grew an enormous amount of strength right before my death. I may have changed too much from the previous pharaoh by changing all the beliefs of Egypt. The following ruler, King Tut, changed everything back to the way it was before I was in rule. Amarna soon became a ghost town and everyone moved back into Thebes. I may have spent too much money without any care but one thing I did care about was Aten.

1352 BC-1336 BC


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