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image sourced from: http://www.nmafa.si.edu/exhibits/inscribing/adinkra.html


In the Akan culture of Ghana, West Africa, the Asante people use specially made stamps to imprint 'Akindra' symbols onto cloth - a visual language. These symbols have various meanings, many represent proverbs, historical events, popular sayings, flora, fauna, and everyday items. Traditionally used for funerals, the cloths are now used for various significant occasions. The fabric is dyed by boiling the roots of a tree and the stamps are traditionally made by carving gourds. The symbols are stamped onto the cloth and repeated or alternated with geometric patterns in a square block or a long strip until the entire cloth is covered. (source: http://arted.osu.edu/kplayground/adinkrasymbols.htm )

Click on the image of the cloth to see a movie about the Adinkra stamps yourself

Play the movie and see a family who makes the Adinkra cloth


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