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Chapter 1:Odysseus lands in Phaeacia"For ten years the Trojans fought bravely to save their city of Troy from the Greeks. But the goddess Athena gave the Greeks wisdom and cunning." "Troy fell to the enemy, and joyfully to the Greeks sacked the city."

Chapter 2: Odysseus and the cyclops "let me tell you that i am Odysseus, King of Ithaca. I am the same Odysseus who helped to defeat the Trojans." "But Zues did not look kindly on us. Our travel was cursed with storms and rough water."

Chapter 3:Odysseus & Circe"For many days we sailed on. The next island we saw was the home of Aeolus, Keeper of thewinds." "But the time came to continue our journey... For ninemore days we sailed on. On the tenth, the foolishness of my men brought us disaster!"

Chapter 4: The folly of odysseus's men"After a year had passed, Circe saw that we were determined to leave here island." "Your travels will not be easy."

Chapter 5:Odysseus returns to Ithaca"We will do evrything in our powerto see that you return safely to your homeland." "And in all, over nineteen years had passed since he left his home and family."




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