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Aislynn Elizabeth Bush

Samuel de champlain

Ships of the sea

Aislynn E Bush

Christopher Columbus

Captain James Cook

Marco Polo.

Picture Of Samuel de Champlains


When explorers went outtoseathey discovered new things like new lands, new plants, new food, and even new plants! but it wasn't just went they went out toseaitwas whenthey tryed things and thats how tv was invented andmany of of the explorers found new lands like samuel de Champlian found Quebec City and he was also french

Did you know that james cook lived from 1728-1779? He also attemted to pass through the Arctic Ocean but His ship Was blocked my A steel Pieace Of Ice! He made Three voyages across the Pacific Ocean his last one was in 1776.

New Things Where Discovered On explorers Journeys Like This Gem. There Where many Diffrent Rubys emeralds and golds found that where used for neclaces or tradeing.

How The Europeans Met the First Nations:When The europeans Came to North America they Went To fish and Hunt Whales Spent several Weeks on land. They had to dry there fish and prepare the Whale Oil to take back home. These explorers traded with the First Nation People they Met they Discovered new things and traded with the First Nations. But they brough bad things to Like Sicknesses and wepons so the First Nations Killed Many Animals To trade for the things that the Explorers found and they realized that They where Killing to much Animals and makeing them extinct! But the explorers said that there land was theres but it was not there right to call it.

Jhon Cabot 1450-1499did you know that Jhon Cabot sailed to Cannada in 1497?


James Cook:James cook well i now quite a bit about james cook so heres some Information james was born in 1728 but was sadly shot and killed by a Hawaiian. some time in 1779. Well i have already told you most of that so theres no point Just a reminder Bye!

Famouse Explorers


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    I think you've made some neat choices for your glog. Please add your name and choose things that will fit with our Social Studies theme.

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    Aislynn; You have a variety of text boxes, which is great. Some need some revisions and editing. Please re-read each one and ask yourself: Does this makes sense? Have I repeated any facts? Do I need to check my spelling, capitalization?
    Then decide what the title frame of your glod should say. It should be clear to the audience and reader what the topic is for your glog as well as who is writing and creating the glog. E.g. Explorers by Aislynn Bush