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Airplane Engineer

Airplane Mechanic

Aircraft Mechanic is a category that falls under aeronautic engineering. These Engineers design, test, and supervise the making of an aircraft and its components. Also these engineers specialize in testing if an aircraft is airworthy and maintaining the vehicle.ResponsibilitiesAn Aircraft Mechanic has one major responsibility, and that is to keep the passengers safe. This is why the engineer must be highly skilled at fixing the aircrafts and make them airworthy as well as to identify when the aircraft’s service is no longer needed. They have to think if the engine needs to be fixed now or if it can wait, if the body needs repair or can it wait, am I risking anyone’s life with my decision? These are things that the engineer needs to think about to accomplish his responsibility.

What is an Airplane Mechanic

Salary and Working Environment

The salaries of Aircraft Mechanic range depending on the company that the engineer is working for. The lowest reported salary was $50,000 while the highest has reached up to $100,000. One of the companies that has been known to pay its employees the most would be Boeing which has given engineers salaries that are up to $120,000. Since most Aircraft Mechanic work with airplanes they are mostly found inside hangars where the airplanes are stored. They may have an office in which they do their designing process depending on the company that they work for.

Education and Demand

An Aircraft Mechanic need a Bachelors degree to be able to join the programs and will need a Masters or a PHD for an advancement to the program. Also the type of degree and the advancement that they are could affect how much they are paid.As traveling gets bigger and new airlines opening up as well as new airplanes being made the demand for aircraft engineers keep growing and growing. This is because the panes will need human maintenance because we know how to fix the problems with efficiency which is something that the robots which are replacing us can’t do. Also without these engineers we wouldn’t know if the plane that has just launched is airworthy or is in need of repairs.


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