Aircraft Travels

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Aircraft Travels

An aircraft travels in the air and it can take you place to place. There are lots of aircraft but one aircraft is a hot airballoon.

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When a hot air balloon flies, the air inside he hot air balloon is less dense than the air surrounding it. The hot air has to be less dense then cool air because the heated air causes the balloon to rise simply because it's lighter than the cool air. The gass burner in a hot air balloon is used to heat the air to a temperature of about 212*F (100*C)

It is best to fly it when the sun sets or rises. Mainly the best time to fly is when the wind is still and calm. You can't necessarily fly a hot air balloon on a hot day because the same warmth of air that is going in is the same temperature of be air on the outside.

The baskets are light weight and flexible so that passengers may ride in it. Most baskets are woven from KooBoo and Palambang cane. The basket sits below the balloon and the balloon is called an envelope.

Therefore hot air balloons are very clever and are gods transportation because they get you from A to B

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