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Air Quality

Improving Air Quality

Alex Ruzekoiwcz Question 3West Genesee Middle School teachers, janitors and local students have been noticing an air quality problem. There facility needs help. Ways we could solve this problem is by cleaning dust out of the vents. We could ask the principal if we could start a program that would help us deal with our air quality problem. We could buy vacuums and help janitors with cleaning after school hours like at I.T. We could talk to the principal and ask him about the vents and make them cleaner.

Alex R, Destiny C, and Sebastian Question 4The possible challenges that could occur when we improve the air quality is when you clean the vents you could be disturbing health for others even yourself when you are trying to clean the vent’s out. There could be dust that flies into the air and many humans breathe that dust and dirt in. They could have dust in there lungs and have either long term or short terms health problems. When the dust gets in people’s lungs it could disable peoples abilities to learn. Many humans don't think that this is a big problem and it can not have an effect on brains.

question #2Sebastian Hoy The problem my group has noticed is that West Genesee Middle School uses “ventilation which is 2-5 times worse than the air outside sometimes it's around 100 times worse”. Using “ventilation can cause a lot of health problems here are a few asthma, headaches, fatigue, sneezing, eye nose throat and skin irritation, dizziness, shortness of breath, and coughing”. Reasons for poor air quality “poor working ventilation system, problems with remodeling, exhaust fumes, chemical spill, and mold or growth on the ceiling”. if the problem isn't solved kids won't learn as much.

Destiny Comins Question 1 West Genesee Middle School is going greener. According to, going greener means to protect and conserve the environment that’s around us. West Genesee can help reduce waste and conserve natural resources. We have a limited amount of resources available. Most people take resources just so they can use them. Sustainability designs and technology enhance people’s overall qualities of life (“What’s so great about going green?”, 2015). If West Genesee starts to go green, we can start to save the environment. Many people have choices for how to treat our environment, but West Genesee Middle School’s choice should be to go green. We need to take action and go green.

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