Air Pollution

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Air Pollution

Air Pollution Please Help !

Carbon Monoxide

Nitorgen Dioxide

Ground Level Ozone

Sulfur Dioxide

Particular Matter


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Worsens lung diseases leading to respiratory symptoms, increased susceptibility to respiratory infection.

Aggravates asthma and makes breathing difficult.It also contributes to particle formation with associated health effects.

Decreases lung function and causes respiratory symptoms, such as coughing and shortness of breath, and also makes asthma and other lung diseases get worse.

Damages the developing nervous system, resulting in IQ loss and impacts on learning, memory, and behavior in children. Cardiovascular and renal effects in adults and early effects related to anaemia.

Short-term exposures can worsen heart or lung diseases and cause respiratory problems. Long-term exposures can cause heart or lung disease and sometimes premature deaths.

Baaaaad NewsCO, O3, Pb, NO2, PM, SO2




Acid Rain

Ozone Depletion

Global Warming


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