Air pollution in Los Angeles

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Air pollution in Los Angeles

Air Pollution in Los Angeles

-Causes respiratory harm (worsened asthma, worsened COPD, inflammation)-Likely to cause early death (both short-term and long-term exposure)-Likely to cause cardiovascular harm (heart attacks, strokes, heart disease, congestive heart failure)-May cause harm to the central nervous system-May cause reproductive and developmental harm

Ways to reduce air pollution-drive low emission cars-carpool to work-only drive when necessary-reduce amount of waste-reduce the use of aerosol products

We learned about pollution in class in chapter 36 before but this relates more directly to us. Los Angeles has over 18 million people living there and almost everyone drives a car to work everyday this creates a lot of air pollution. A study done in 2013 ranked L.A. as the 1st most ozone polluted city in America. This a huge problem for us in Oak Park because we are part of the greater L.A. area.

Causes of air pollution are the burning of fossil fuels using too much energy that pollute the air and destroy our ozone.

Facts:-Air pollution in China can travel up to CA-Inhaling air pollution can decrease the average human life by at least 1 to 2 years-Air pollution in CA kills 25,000 people per year and costs $200 million in medical expenses


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