Air Conditioned Padding Spinoff

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Air Conditioned Padding Spinoff

NASA Spinoffs in my ENVIRONMENTOur Spinoff:Air Conditioned Padding

Freeze-Dried TechIt lasted longer than normal food. It was used for astronauts because it would last for years. That is why it has been adapted to be used in every day life. It can keep 98% of it's nutritional value, with only 20% of it's weight retained. It's put us into another frontier... of food!!

Protective PaddingProtective padding was originally made to protect astronauts in space. It has been adapted to be padding for sports. It has also been adapted to other protection, such as construction workers' uniform, and firefighters' uniforms. It has improved protection extremely.

Our Spinoff Idea: Air Conditioned Padding Our Idea is to make padding that will analyze your body temperature. It will use a thermohydraulic analyzer to analyze your body temperature and send signals to heaters and coolers to heat your body, or cool it. This could help massively in sports equipment enhancement.

Air ConditioningYou can thank your great air conditioning to a thermohydraulic analyzer disigned by NASA. The analyzer analyzes the air in your car to provide the best air conditioning possible! It will blow hot or cold air, depending on what it analyzed. This was origanally created to comfort astronauts in space. It's even eco-friendly! Without air conditioning people everywhere would be to hot and to cold to work hard!

What is Spinoff Technology?Spinoff Technology is technology that has been integrated into our everyday lives. Many things have come from NASA that we never even knew that it was originally made by NASA.

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