[2014] klondon13: Air Balloon

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[2014] klondon13: Air Balloon

Up,Up and Away in my Beautiful Balloon

This shows that hot air is less dense and rises.It fills the shape of the balloon and since the air in the baloon is less dense it allows the balloon to float.

Charles Law says that when mass stays constant, and temperature increases, volume increases. Since density= m/v when the volume increases,density decreases allowing the balloon to rise.

Why does hot air rise and cold air sink? The moleclues are in a closer state to being a gas when they are in hot water, causing the atoms to move faster and farther apart making it less dense. While with cold air the molecules are moving slower and closer together, making it more dense.

This is a hot air balloon getting ready for takeoff. As you can see the propane (hot air) is filling the balloon. During the ride, they will turn the fire on when they think the balloon needs to rise or to keep the balloon from losing air.

Hot air balloons can sometimes have harsh landings, causing a crash. Other times, balloons have crashed into power lines and caught fire. This balloon caught fire in air.

These are the parts to a hot air balloon. The air takes the shape of the envelope which is made of a nonextensible material.


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