[2014] MALLORY HEAPS: Aims of education during the progressive era

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[2014] MALLORY HEAPS: Aims of education during the progressive era

Progressivism is a philosophical orientation based on the belief that lif is evolving in a positive direction, that people may be trusted to act in their own best interest, and that education should focus on children's interest and practical needs. Teachers in progressive schools functioned more as guides rather than taskmasters. John Dewey states that school and society are connected and that teachers must begin with an understanding of the child's world. Dewey and his wife established the labratory school for testing progressive principles in the classroom.

Aims of Education during the progressive era

Education changes during modern post war era

After the soviet union launched Sputnik, the U.S began trying to educate the best engineers and scientist for development of military technology. At the end of world war two, was the start of the desegregtion of schools. When President Johnson became president he allocated the federal funds on the basis of the number of poor children in school districts which resulted in the "Elementary in Secondary Education act."

Maria Montessori's method, children pass through sensitive periods for particular intellectual, social, and moral awakenings, and its the adults role to recognize these sensitive periods and direct the child to work designed to foster those awakenings. Mantessori teachers use prescribed sets of materials and physical exercises to develop students knowledge and skills, and students are allowed to use or not use the materials as they see fit. By the start of war world 2 the progressive time coming to an end. The lanham act, provided funding for 1)the training of workers in war plants by u.s office of education personnel 2) the construction of schools in areas where military personnel and workers on federal projects resided, and 3)the provision of child care for thec children of working parents.

Title 9 says that no person in the U.S shall on the basis of sex be excluded from participate and be denied the benefit of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program.



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