Aikido History

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Aikido History

Morihei Ueshiba was born in 1883 in Tanabe, Japan. In 1903 he joined the army so he could fight in the Russo-Japanese war. He was discharged in 1907 as a sergeant. He studied various martial arts for the next few years and then moved to Hokkaido in 1912 to set up a settlement. There he met Sokaku Takeda, reviver of Daito Ryu, and began to study with him in earnest. He received a teaching license from Takeda in 1922. After becoming a follower of the Omoto Kyo Priest Onisaburo Deguchi in 1919 his art began to change. He opened the Aikido Hombu dojo in Tokyo in 1927 and began to distance himself from Takeda. In 1942 'Aikido' became the name of his art.


1883 - Morihei Ueshiba was born1903 - O'Sensei fights in the Russo - Japanese war.1907 - 1911 O'Sensei studies1912 - O'Sensei moves to Hokkaido1915 - He meets and begins training with Sokaku Takeda in Daito Ryu1919 - He joined the Omoto Kyo led by Onisaburo Deguchi1926 Hombu dojo is created in Tokyo1942 - 'Aikido' becomes the offical name of the art1951 - Aikido begins to disseminate throughout the world

For years Aikido has been taught to the Tokyo Police.Aikido has been featured in major motion pictures.Aikido strategy and concepts have been used in conflict resolution courses.Aikido strategy and concepts have been used in business consulting.The World Combat Games have included Aikido.

Lasting Impact

Aikido is practiced by thousands of people around the world. It's practiced for self-defense and police work, and as a spiritual and physical persuit.


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Aikido in The World Combat Games

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