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AIG All Day Every Day

Fall Back Into School

Where were you on Aug. 21st? Did you see the solar eclipse? I would love to hear your stories so I am creating a Flipgrid topic for you to share. This picture shows what my friend saw from totality in Tennessee. Here is the link to tell your story.

Solar Eclipse 2017

AIG All Day Every Day

Your child may have brought home an invitation letter to join Duke TIP on September 30th. While this is absolutely an optional program, it is quite an honor to be selected and there are numerous opportunities available. Some of the offerings include: summer camps, writing contests, online courses, and taking the PSAT. One of my own children participated in Duke TIP. He took the SAT as a 7th grader and we believe that experience helped him to be more prepared when he took it again in high school. He credits his performance on the SAT as beneficial toward achieving his goals in college. If you want to know more about Duke TIP, check out their website.

Duke TIP

1. Distractability2. Disorganization3. Apathy4. Past Success5. Rebellion6. Perfectionism7. Self-Sabotage8. Insecurity9. Shame10. Depression Read the Gifted Challenges Blog

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Gifted Child Procrastinates

Battle of the Books and Science Olympiad teams will soon be forming. I hope to see many of the students in our AIG program choose to participate in one or both of these clubs. Practices will be after school and parents will need to provide transportation. These are competitive clubs which require students to try out by taking a test. For more information, use the RSVP button.




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