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About immune systemprimary- first line of defence. Skin, hair ect (pysical barriers)Secondary- white blood cells. after a forgin invader comes in the body destroys the invaders.Tertiary- antigens. attracts white blood cells which attracts thw white blood cells and protects the invaders. phagotic white blood cells- guard of your body, destroys fogin invaders secondary defence system

HIV virus


Hard to realize that they have AIDS until they get tested. red spots across the bodyHeadche, fever, chillsNight sweatsSwollen lymph nodes

AIDS is caused by a virus named HIV (human immuniseficiency virus). The virus is spreded by reusing needles, unprotected sex, or body fluids.

Main cause


Contributing factors

About immune systemPhadocytic white cells- The guard of the body, destroys forgin invaders. secondary defence system.Platelets- the cells which heals and repairs the bosy when wounded.Antigens- a substance which makes the immune systyem to responce to forgin invaders.Antibody- specialized type of white blood cells that lock onto pathogens in your body.

Scientific technology

No perfect cure for AIDS but you can find out with medical tests. HIV antiretroviral pills, AZTs and gp120 could prevent or slow down from the virus from developing

Caused from lifesytle choices(sharing needles, unprotected sex) but could spread very fast in a slum area because it could speread from body fluids and lots of people are packed in those areas


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