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-Children acquire virus when born to infected mothers, contaminated blood transfusions, and breast milk-Adults acquire the virus through sexual transmission, contaminated drug needles, and blood transfusions.

-Between 200,000 and 3 million cases of AIDS are reported in the US every year.-The highest number of cases reported are in adults age 19-40.-Typical incubation period: 6weeks to 8 years.

Acquired Immuno-deiciency Syndrome (AIDS)

Signs and Symptoms-Flu-like symptoms-Fatigue-Weight loss-Enlarged lymph glands-Persistant cough-Fever -Diarrhea

Control Measures -Practice safe sex by using condoms-Use clean needles- Thoroughly clean and disinfect any and all areas that have come in contact with blood-contaminated bodily fluids

Methods of Transmission


-Virus can be contracted through touching or huging someone who is infected.-Virus can be contracted from a mosquitoes bite.-AIDS is a homosexuals disease.-I would be able to tell if my partner had AIDS.-I can contract the virus through kissing.

Common MythsandMisconceptions


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