Aidan Baird: Raining Forests

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Aidan Baird: Raining Forests

Raining Forests

It is important to understand global warming because the Earth is warming up. The polar ice caps are also melting. All of the carbon dioxide is causing holes in the ozone. This is called the green house effect. The holes and the melting polar ice is causing major weather problems like larger hurricanes. Over the last one hundred years the Earth has gotten one degree warmer which is very fast, and at this pace the polar ice caps will melt within the next century. The melting ice caps are causing the oceans to rise. The warming is making the deserts expand. The amount of carbon dioxide from cars and burning coal is a main factor in this all. We cannot wait because this is going on now, and we need to stop it.

The machine I am researching is "Raining Forests". It is a round capsule that has fertilizer and a seed inside, so you can reforest large areas fast and efficiently. It is put in a small aero-dynamic capsule that is dropped from a plane. Since trees naturally take carbon out of the air, this makes the air cleaner by taking excess carbon out of the air. This invention is efficient because it takes a person a long time to reforest an area. This invention solves this problem because many trees can be planted at the same time. In the end it had an epic failure, so this product will need further testing and possible redesign.

Raining ForestsProblem: It addresses the problem of the amount of excess carbon in the air. Another problem is that the things that naturally take carbon out of the air, trees, are not going back fast enoughSolution: This invention puts trees in the ground fast and they grow well

1.Capsule: A small biodegradable canister that holds sapling and fertilizer.2.Fertilizer: Nutrients placed into the capsule with the sapling.3.Sapling: A small tree put in the capsule and fertilizer to rapidly reforest areas.4.The plane: This is the mode in which the capsules are delivered.5.The soil: The soil is the dirt in the capsule which helps the plants grow.

1.Canister: I will bury it and after six months and see if it has decomposed, if it has it passes.2.Fertilizer: I will put the sapling in two different canisters, one with fertilizer and one without and see which one it grows best in, if it grows better in the canister with fertilizer it passes.3.Sapling: I will put it in the canister and see if it grows, if the sapling grows and the growth is sustained it passes.4.Plane: I will drop the canisters from the plane and I will see if the plane is an efficient way of delivering them, if the saplings are spread out and the saplings are unharmed it passes.5.Soil: I will see if the soil in the canister helps the fertilizer make the sapling grow, if it improves the effectiveness of the fertilizer it passes.

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poster yourself

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