Aidan Baird: Headphones

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Aidan Baird: Headphones

The New Headphones

By:Aidan Baird

I plan to invent a set of headphones that blocks out noise from around you and also keeps noise in and stops people around you from hearing your music. Even though people around you will not be able to hear them you can hear the headphones perfectly as if you were listening to regular headphones.

Problem: Noise-blocking headphones usually are big and bulky.Solution: My headphones are small and compact.

Headphones are speakers you put in your ears so you can bring sounds with you and not disturb the people around you. I plan to make these headphones do this and much more.

1) The new headphones block out sound from around you. 2) They stop people around you from hearing your music.3) They come in a plain color, but you can order specialized skins for them so you can have any design you want.4) Unlike other noise blocking headphones these will be small and durable.5) These headphones will have cushions to stop your ears from hurting.

1) Noise Blocking Capability: put noise on highest volume and have the people around you rate the noise they hear from one to ten, one being the best; if the person rates it a three or less, it passes.2) Portability: if they fit in a box with the dimensions of 2in.x2in.x2in.3) Trackability: have someone hide the headphones and if you can find them in twenty minutes or less with the tracking program they pass.4) Durability: if dropped from 15 feet they will still play sounds.5)comfort: have somebody wear them and rate them from one from ten, if it is between one and four it passes



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