AHS Honors Students

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AHS Honors Students

-Playing with our pets.-Netflix.-Trying to study with friends but then end up talking about a totally different topic.-YouTube video sprees.-Picking a song to study to, but then spending all the time trying to pick and find a song.

Our backpacks are scarily gigantic.

We write down everything on our planners.

We have way too much stuff in our backpacks.

We never stop studying and worrying about our grades.

Here we are in all our studying glory.

-We work out with our textbooks. They are that heavy.-Eraser shavings are everywhere.-Our agendas are our best friends.-Checking Tyler SIS every five seconds.-Never having enough room for our stuff.

Typical Honors Students Problems

School leads to stress, and stress leads to a lot of crying.

AHS Honors Students

Distractions That Always Plague Us


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